About Us

Amy Van Zandt, Owner

  • Professional Real Estate Inspector TREC#25232
  • TDA Termite Technician #0899452

I have always loved everything about houses and the real estate industry. However, I am not a salesperson so the idea of buying and selling homes never interested me. My lightbulb moment came many years ago when a realtor friend suggested becoming a home inspector! Being a home inspector allows me to combine my love of houses and real estate with my passion for helping and educating people. Starting my own home inspection company allows me too not only love what I do but it ultimately allows me to give back to cancer research/outreach.

I grew up in a small town in East Texas before moving to the Fort Worth area. I have now spent more than half of my life in the DFW area but cannot seem to get rid of the slow East Texas drawl. When I am not inspecting houses, I enjoy spending time with my 12-year-old son, my family, and close friends.

Tanya Van Zandt, Business Development Manager

Tanya is our newest full time team member. We are patiently waiting on her to tell us more about herself.