“I have been through home inspections before and never had anyone take the time and explain things, like Amy did. By far the best home inspection I’ve ever had. She’s also very personable. She is very witty and charming. Never thought a home inspection could actually be fun!”

– Margot F.

“Amy was quick and she was able to supply my buyer with multiple inspection options. From Water well test and the home itself. She provided resources for WDI inspection. Thank you Amy for providing turn key personal service for my client.”

– Kelly C. -Real Estate Advisor

“Amy did a fantastic job! She walked me thru everything she did and explained what it meant (I’m a newby) Definitely would recommend”

– Shawnee B.

“These ladies are amazing! I scheduled an inspection, not knowing just how terrible the weather was going to turn out to be …. but that didn’t stop the inspection ladies! She showed up wearing a poncho and rain boots, brought towels so as not to track up the lovely wood floors, and still came out in the rain … on time! The report she sends out electronically was one of the more user friendly ones I’ve run across. I HIGHLY recommend the Inspection Ladies!”

– Lacy J.

“They were so kind and thorough. For someone that has been so stressed about the whole process of buying a house, having them as our inspectors helped so much. 10 out of 5 if we could!!”

– Charlotte B.

“As a newly licensed realtor, Amy was highly recommended by fellow realtors. Amy’s services were beyond expectation. She explained how the inspection process works and provided a very detailed report. Extremely friendly, helpful and resourceful. She described to me about things I had no idea about. Definitely will hire Amy and The Inspection Ladies again!!!”

– John C.

“Amy was available when I needed her! My clients are first time home buyers and she was so detailed with her inspection report, gave them tips on which repairs are urgent and which ones could be done over time. She also included a list of items homes owners need when they move in. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a professional, very detailed, and experienced inspector! Thank you Amy!”

– Lorrie S., Realtor

“Amy is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional inspector. She is friendly and trustworthy. You can feel comfortable using her for your home inspections.”

– Angel F.

“Amy with The Inspection Ladies is awesome! I especially like that she walks the buyer around the home to point out any issues that she sees with the home. Amy is also always available for questions after the inspection and is easy to schedule with.”

– Angela R., Realtor

“Amy is prompt with getting out for your inspection and she is very thorough. Having her complete my inspections made me more comfortable in the buying process.”

– Kendra U.

“Amy was not only very personable, she was knowledgeable and professional. She made sure we understood what we’d be buying in our new home and how to address issues. I appreciated her expertise and quick responses to our questions.”

– Elecia M.

“Amy did a great job. We were able to get concessions on what needed to be repaired based on her thorough assessment. Additionally, she was very well priced and responsive.”

– Angelia S.

“Amy was quick and professional. I highly reccomend her service if you need an honest and thorough inspection. Her detailed report gave clear insight to negotiate repairs and has prepared me for key areas to keep an eye on!”

– Christopher G.

“The Inspection Ladies were very professional and responsive. I called on a Friday and they were able to inspect our new house on a Monday. The inspection was very thorough and they made themselves available to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend this business.”

– Jane Z.

“Amy was great!! She got to work on the inspection right a way and took her time to do her job well. She was also patient with us and answered any questions we had.”

– Gloria R.

“Amy was super thorough with the inspection. She took the time to go through everything she found and explained to me what I would need to do. I highly recommend her.”

– Matthew M.

“Thorough work. Great communication. I have a clear picture now of the home I am purchasing. Thank you Ladies!”

– Lisa M.

“Amy performed a 1yr inspection on our new build home. This inspection was important for us, because it was our last opportunity to raise any problems or deficiencies with our builder. We were extremely pleased with the thorough inspection and review performed. Additionally, Amy took extra time to walk us through the report. We are confident in the job performed, and would definitely recommend Amy to anyone building or moving into an existing home.”

– Erin B.

“Super responsive, very thorough, and incredibly nice!! The Inspection Ladies will be my “go to girls” for all my inspections.”

– G.J., Realtor KW

“They did a very thorough inspection and provided great details in the report. Also they were very prompt to meet my needs. I would definitely use them again.”

– Kevin H.

“The Inspection Ladies are incredibly communicative and very thorough. My clients and I had a million questions but Amy took her time answering each one. I will be keeping them as a top inspector for years to come! Highly recommend!!”

– Marissa H., Realtor

“It’s obvious that Amy is very knowledgeable. What sets her apart is her knowledge and her presentation while establishing rapport quickly.”

– Mike P., Realtor

“Amy really went above and beyond looking at everything and doing a great inspection. My clients were very happy. Will use her again!”

Stephen C., Realtor