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Residential Home Inspections are the most common inspection for the homebuyer. These home inspections are designed to assure there are no hidden surprises and to provide peace of mind to the buyer. This type of inspection is most often a contingency to close of the real estate deal. The residential home inspection can be a valuable tool for negotiations during the home buying process.


We are licensed termite technicians with the Texas Department of Agriculture and are able to provide the written inspection reports that are required with VA and FHA loans. Have a loan that doesn’t require a WDI report? Not to worry, we can still provide a report along with your home inspection!


Is your 1-year builders’ warranty on your new home about to expire?

The 11-month warranty inspections are usually conducted when the house is 9-11 months old and can help identify any deficiencies that were missed during the building phase or that have come up as the home as come to life and been through several seasons.

Your home is a huge investment, so why not use the 1-yr warranty provided by the builder to address any of those issues.


Pre-listing inspections are initiated by the property owner prior to listing the property for sale. A pre-listing inspection can be used to find unknown defects and to prevent possible surprises for the homeowner when he or she sells the property.

Often sellers are blindsided by unknown and expensive defects discovered by the buyer’s inspector.

With a pre-listing inspection, the seller has peace of mind going forward in the real estate transaction and is able to accurately represent the condition of the home, limiting potential liability.


The annual maintenance inspection is for homeowners to do a thorough maintenance checkup inspection of their home or a rental home.

Homeowners and Landlords can use this inspection report to determine if any of the home’s systems need attention or repair. As well as learn certain areas to look out for in the future.


This inspection is sometimes called a four-point inspection and can be required by an insurance company before insurance will be provided.

A mechanical systems inspection focuses more on the major systems of the home, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roof, and foundation.


If your new home has a swimming pool or spa, have it professionally inspected by adding this critical inspection to your residential home inspection service. We can inspect swimming pools and spas for physical defects, mechanical operation, and safety concerns.

We will inspect the pool surface, skimmers, decking, and coping as well as the equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, blowers, etc.) for operation and any above ground leaks. We inspect the pool lights and GFCI safety outlets as well as check for other safety features like gates and fences.


This is an add on service as many homes have sprinkler systems to irrigate and water the lawn.

The irrigation system controller will be inspected, and each zone will be operated. Any broken sprinkler heads and leaks found will be noted. The backflow valve will be visually inspected for damage.

The findings of the inspection with phots or video of each zone during operation will be included in your report.


We can inspect almost any type of outbuilding, barn, detached garage, storage shed, workshop, and apartment or mother-in-law suite building, etc. that is on the property you are purchasing.